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"Hello World" with Baxter2 Kilowatt DC Motor Controller3D Printer Guide
3D Printing3D Printing (PLA)3D Printing (SLA)
3D model of Lofaro Labs in ~.STL format3D model of Lofaro Labs using STL format4DOF ROBOTIS DYNAMIXEL XL330 Arm
ARCHR (voodoo-style controller)ARCHR - Apparatus for Remote Control of Humanoid RobotsASL-Robot
ATMega2560 - MasonBot pin mappingA Basic 3D Printer GuideA simple “Hello ROS” program
Accuracy of POLARISAdd USB Ethernet to your Raspberry Pi Zero WAdd USB Serial to your Raspberry Pi Zero W
Adding Gazebo model with SLAM capabilitiesAluminum Machining TutorialAndroid Robot Controller (ARC)
AquaShokoArchrArchr Baxter
Archr Hubo DRCArchr Minibot/ax-12a/ax-18aArm Construction
Band SawBasic Concepts of ROSBasic Elements of Image
Basic Elements of ROSBasic GUI feature in OpenCV- ImageBasic GUI feature in OpenCV- Video
BaxterBaxter Arm BuildBaxter Examples
Baxter Peg-In-HoleBaxter Research sdk installationBaxter Research sdk installtion
Baxter TutorialsBaxter headBill of Materials
Bitwise operationsBrushedBrushless
Build a RobotBuild a WorldBuilding a ROS Package
Building the Motor ControllerCNC Mill (Gerber)CNC Mill (Tormach)
CNC Router (Gerber)CRITRCRITR/Arm Control gen1
CRITR/Arm Control gen2CRITR/Generation 1/Arm and Arm controllerCRITR/Generation 1/Head
CRITR/Generation 2/Arm ControllerCRITR/Generation 2/HeadCRITR/PARTS
CRITR/motor control gen1CRITR/motor control gen2CRITR/pcb gen1
CRITR/pcb gen2Cad files for solidworks and stl type also ax-12a model and baxter
CameraCanon CCAPI Robot InterfaceChanging Color Spaces
CircuitCircuit Design TutorialCloud Controlled Mobile Robot Design
Compile Hadoop Source CodeComputer Aided Design (CAD)Configuring Baxter robot
Connect to ROSConnecting Baxter with workstationConnecting all the parts
Control P3-DX in GazeboCreating Kinect mount in SketchUp and preparing for 3D printingCreating a Dense Map
Creating a Multi-Node Cluster on HadoopCreating a ROS PackageCreating a ROS Package by Hand
Creating a ROS msg and srvCreating a map with WIFI data using gmappingCreation of special Kernel event handling (USB auto connection for serial communication)
Critrs/motor control gen2
Cropping images
Data Smoothing and Position MappingData Smoothing for Motion CaptureDefining Custom Messages
Dell XPS 15 9570 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and 18.04 LTSDigital Theremin Violin (DTV)ECE-370: Buy items and install base software
ECE-370: Case for RaspberryPi Zero WECE-370: Complete Safety and 3D printing training
ECE-370: Distance Sensor Hookup to uController and "Speed" Encoder WheelECE-370: FK for Serial ManipulatorECE-370: Finalize Control Structure for Differential Drive Robot
ECE-370: First Version of Differential Drive RobotECE-370: Full H-BridgeECE-370: Make GitHub account and 3D design of name plate
ECE-370: Motor Driver open loop speed control, one direction PWMECE-370: OdometryECE-370: Robot Design
ECE-370: Setting up WiFi between your uC and your SBCEditing STL Files on SketchUpEditing STL Files on Sketchup
Embedded System Control and SetupEnable BaxterExamining the Simple Publisher and Subscriber
Examining the Simpler Service and ClientExplusFile system manipulation
Final AssemblyFlashing the MCUFlipping images
Gazebo TutorialsGazibo Simulation TutorialGet Started: Introduction, Overview and Installation
Getting Started with roswtfGitHand Construction
Hand ToolsHaptic feedback ax-12a codeHardware External Interrupts on Arduino
Head BuildHotel Room of the Future - DASL Winter Workshop 2016-17How to Scale an STL File and Print the File on 3D Printer
How to build Holonomic RobotHow to configure Python-OpenCVHow to use the code
Hubo DRC Peg-In-HoleHubo DRC Peg-In-Hole & Valve TurnImage arithmetic
Image resizingIndoor Localization Module and Creation of a Robot Friendly BuildingIndoor Localization Module for Robotic Systems
Install Atom on UbuntuInstall Patch linux kernel 5.0 with PREEMPT RTInstall Raspbian
Install Teletype (collaborative text editing) for AtomInstall uController (M0 with Wifi) for ArduinoInstallation
Installing Hadoop on ZynqInstalling Packages Required for SLAMInstalling and Configuration of ROS in your workstation
Installing and Setting up P2OSInstalling and configuring your ROS environmentInstalling openRAVE, openHubo, and hubo-ach
Installing openrave, openhubo, hubo-ach and performing peg-in-holeInverse KinematicsJailbreak iPhone
JoystickKinect Mo-cap TutorialKnowing Topics and Messages in depth
LatheLearning Node CommandsLet's install turtlesim packages
Let’s do some drawingLet’s talk about packages againLocalization Methods
Localizing with AprilTagsMILES- Miles Indoor Localization Enhancement SystemMagnetic Resonator Guitar (MR.G)
Main PageMake your own robot- Make URDFMaki
Managing System DependenciesManual Creation of a Look-Up Table (LUT)Masking
MasonBotMaster and NodesMethods
Milling (Bridgeport)MinibotMinibot/ax-12a/ax-18a
Minibot ArmMinibot BodyMinibot Controller/XL-320
Minibot codeMinibot driving with ball in hole ax-12aMinibot haptic feedback ax-12a
Motor ControlMotor Driver and ServoingMoving Holonomic Robot
Moving The P3DX In GazeboMoving The Pioneer 3-DX In GazeboMoving around
Multiple YoubotsNaoNavigating the ROS Filesystem
Navigating the ROS wikiNetworkingNetworking/import socket
Non-Salient AprilTagsOculus Virtual Reality Telepresence SystemOpenCM 9.04
OpenHoloBot (Archive)OpenHoloBot - Open Source Holonomic RobotOpenHoloBot rev. 1 information
OpenVPN UsageOptic Flow based interference recordingOur Chosen Glyph Marker Recognition System: AprilTags
Overlaying map using GIMPPCB Design TutorialPCB for Holonomic Robot
PCB for IR LED RingPCB for Power source circuitsPOLARIS - Position Orientation Localization ARTag Recognition Indoor System
POLARIS Serial Communication ProtocolPackage creation and buildingProgramming your MasonBot
ProjectsPython-OpenCV TutorialsPython library for dynamixel servos
Quadrotors InstallationROBOTIS DYNAMIXEL MKS plus XL330 Series ExamplesROBOTIS DYNAMIXEL Shield for Arduino MKR Series Examples
ROBOTIS DYNAMIXEL XL330 Current Based Position Mode (Compliant Mode)ROBOTIS DYNAMIXEL XL330 PID ExampleROS & Gazebo Tutorials
ROS Operations and Basic ConceptsROS Operations and Concepts
ROS TutorialsROS topicsRaspberry Pi and Arducopter connections through ROS
RaspiCam with OpenCV and PythonReaction Wheel Driven Aquatic VesselRead and Write NTFS on a Mac (OSX)
Recording and Playing Back DataRemoving the IR Filter from the PS3 Eye CameraRemoving the IR Filter from the PS Eye Camera
Requirements of POLARIS and Current ProgressRobot Fish (BFF)Robotis Dynamixel XM-430 Based Torque Reactive Joint
Ros on Raspberry piRoslaunch Tips for Large ProjectsRotation of image
Run Baxter in SimulationRunning MILES on the Raspberry PI2Running the Navigation Interface on your Computer
Running the Wifi ScannerS19 - (due: 2019-01-31) Buy items and install base softwareS19 Buy items and install base software
SLAM-assisted creation of a Look-Up Table (LUT)SLAM-assisted creation of a Look-Up Table OverviewSLAM using Mapping and Wifi Signal Strength
SSHFSSamsung GearSchematics and PCB
Serial Communication ProtocolServoSetting Up joystick to control Pioneer 3-DX in ROS
Setting up Oculus rift servo controller dependenciesSetting up RGBDSLAM with ROS in GazeboSetting up RGBDSLAM with ROS in the real world
Setting up ROS Hydro on the Raspberry PI 2Setting up Wifi ScannerSetting up computer environment
Setting up computer environment for controlling BaxterSetting up hector slam in ROSSetting up software environment for controlling Baxter
Setting up the Hokuyo Laser to map with hector slamSetting up the ParallellaSetting up workstation with ROS
Shop HoursShop Rules and RegulationsShop related files
StepperStreaming webcams to Oculus Rift with openCVSuperComputer Robot Controller (SCoR)
Swarm Example VideosTODO ListTask 311 - Linear drill with spinning bit
Task 313 - FrackingTopic Listing (Shop 101)Training Schedule
Training formatTranslation of imageTrilateration Method with quadrotors
Tutorial (Catenary)USB2DynamixelUSB2Dynamixel Fixing soft bricking
Ubuntu Bash scriptsUbuntu on Dell XPSUnderstanding ROS Nodes
Understanding ROS Services and ParametersUnderstanding ROS TopicsUsage Approval Form
Useful Computer Admin ToolsUsing RDP Remote Desktop with UbuntuUsing SLAM software
Using rosed to Edit Files in ROSUsing rqt consol and roslaunchUsing the AprilTags Glyph Recognition System
Using the Localization ModuleVLRS-Vehicle Lean Recovery SystemVanguard UAV System to Transport Mine Sensors
Virtual Pioneer 3DX Moving TutorialWalk-in Video for the New Floor Model for Lofaro LabsWater Resistant Self Contained Mobile Robot Design
Wearable MetronomeWearable Robot Controller (WRC)Welding, MIG
Welding, TIGWhere Next?Wi-Fi pose data
Wifi Localization sample code(MATLAB)Write a MediaWiki PostWrite a plugin
Writing a Simple Publisher and Subscriber (C++)Writing a Simple Publisher and Subscriber (Python)Writing a Simpler Service and Client (C++)
Writing a Simpler Service and Client (Python)Xillinux and XillybusXming X11 server for Windows - setup