Removing the IR Filter from the PS Eye Camera

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The IR filter is responsible for prohibiting infrared materials to be visible through a camera. Removing the IR filter allows for infrared to be visible.

PS Eye Camera

This is a step by step tutorial on removing the Infrared (IR) filter from the PS Eye Camera and replacing it with a visible band pass filter made using floppy disk material.

It's important to note that this tutorial is specific to the PS Eye Camera and other cameras may require different procedures

Minimum Materials Needed:

PS Eye Camera



Box Cutter (or anything with a blade)

Floppy Disk


Step 1: Hold the camera with the back of the camera facing you, and pop off the 4 circular black plastic dots using a Flathead or blade.


Step 2: Remove the 4 screws.


Step 3: Use a Flathead to break the eye camera apart. Begin by starting on the side of the camera. This can be done by inserting the Flathead in between the plastic pieces and slowly pulling them away from each other.


Note: The hard part is the area below the USB connection, you may need to apply more pressure to get these pieces separated, and may need to use a blade.


Step 4: At this point you should have separated the parts and should be able to see the circuit board.


There are two screws located at the bottom, remove the screws, and the bottom piece of the eye camera (the stand) should come off.


Step 5: On the circuit board, remove the 4 screws circled in red shown on the image.


Step 6:At this point you should be able to remove the circuit board.


Step 7: The lens should be detached from the circuit board since the screws were removed in Step 5.


Step 8: Take the lens and hold it up with the square side facing you.You should see a small circular piece of glass, which is the IR filter.Use a Flat Head to gently tap all around the connection between the IR filter and the lens. Then repeat the process with a blade.


Continue until you can remove the filter. Be careful, it's glass!

Lens without IR filter

Step 9: Get a hold of a floppy disk

SONY Floppy Disk

Step 10:Open the floppy disk. You may need to use a blade.

Breaking into floppy disk to get floppy disk material

Step 11:Take the floppy disk material and cut a piece that will fit right to the lens of the PS3 Eye Camera

IMG 5720.JPG
Lens with 2 layers of floppy disk material

Fixing the Focus of the Modified PS Eye Camera

When removing the IR filter from the PS Eye, the focus of the web camera is disrupted. In order to fix this issue, 1mm plexiglass was purchased and was cut out into the shape of the IR filter that was removed. The PS Eye was opened and the plexiglass was inserted underneath the floppy disk material. After testing the web camera, the focus was fixed.