3D Printing (PLA)

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Learn how to use, maintain and operate PLA based 3D printers.


What you will learn

  • Export 3D models to 3D printer compatible formats
  • Change build plate
  • Clear extruder
  • Load and unload filament
  • How to start a print on a 3D printer

Estimated time required

120 min

Signature Requirements

  • Scale This Robot to be 1cm tall using CAD (use current lab standard) and print it
  • Calibrate X, Y, and Z axis
  • Make full name with letters 1cm tall and 2mm in depth in CAD. Include a back plate with two 6.35mm holes for mounting purposes. Print this model


Robot Procedure:

 1. Download robot 
 2. Upload to Fusion cloud
 3. Calculate scaling factor and scale model
 4. Save STL file
 5. Import to MakerBot Print
 6. Place robot on build plate and export appropriate Makerbot file
 7. Print
 8. Remove Robot from build plate, remove raft and support material
 9. Submit Robot to supervising staff for approval 

Name Plate Procedure:

 1. Create a sketch, use text tool to write your name,  make circles for mounting holes, make a rectangle for the backplate
 2. Use the extrude to make a solid body
 3. Follow same steps from robot procedure starting at #4