Building a ROS Package

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Building a ROS Package

1) Source your environment (in case you skipped this step above)

  source /opt/ros/hydro/setup.bash

For information regarding cmake and catkin_make, see this link

For those who are creating there own code, a change to Cmake.txt may be in order. Please see later tutorials in C++ and Python for assistance.

2) Make sure you are in the catkin workspace. Look at the files listed there.

  cd ~/catkin_ws/
  ls src

beginner_tutorials, the folder we have previously made, will be listed there.

3) Let us build the package:


4) After the build, take a look again at the folders listed there:


You will see folders build, devel, and src. catkin_make already knows where to place these new folders and automatically takes care of it for you.