SuperComputer Robot Controller (SCoR)

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Our Vision

Our project is designed to change the traditional approach of a centralized robot controller and build a distributed series of robot controllers each designated on a joint of a robot. Our project will be most applicable in high DOF robots. There are various advantages of having a controller at each joint instead of one centralized controller. First if the centralized controller breaks down then the entire system has become unusable. With our approach if one controller is broken then that actuator is unuseable but the system is still usable. This may limit the tasks the robot can complete but it still has the ability to complete some tasks compared to none. This allows our controller to be significantly more robust than other robot controllers. The next purpose of our project is that the tasks given to the controller will be able to be parallelized across the different controllers for faster processing power. This leads to the name of our project being called supercomputer because on a high DOF our controller will have a high level of computing performance compared to a single controller. With our controller we want the user to be able to add a joint to a robot and it then the robot gains more processing power. Lastly, our robot controller is being designed to work for three types of motors, DC brushed, DC brushless, and 4-wire 2 phase stepper with a single circuit that only needs a firmware update to change between the motors. The purpose of this is it gives our robot controller versatility by being able to work with three different motor types. Since only a firmware update is needed to switch between motor types this provides an easy use of our controller with the user. They will simply have to plug in different wires then software does rest. This approach shows using the technology available today to improve upon systems currently used.


Image of SD card in Zedboard used for the project:

How to

The Team

Adam LaFemina (Electrical Engineer)

Sohail Mukhtarzada (Computer Engineer)

Ayo Raymond (Computer Engineer)

Kyler Sparks (Electrical Engineer)

Robert Yu (Computer Engineer)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Daniel Lofaro