Baxter Arm Build

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This project is the Baxter arm build these arms are a 44% scaled version of the baxter arms and can be found here. The claw that was made for this project was somewhat unsuccessful because it was to weak in some spots here are the files if you would like them

We connected these arms to some PVC pipe with wood screws that worked.

  • Parts list for this build
    • 1 spool Filament
    • 16 AX-12A servos
    • 108 S1
    • 32 S2
    • 8 S3
    • 6 S-B
    • 92 N1
    • 6 BU

For the first part of the arm build we make a part that will be used twice in the arm

  • 4 S2 Screws and 4 N1 nuts

Remember to do this step twice


Next connect the other side as shown

  • 4 S2 screws and 4 N1 nuts


Now that you have built two sets of these for each arm you can connect one of them to a servo as shown

You will need to connect it on both sides only one side is shown

  • 8 S1 screws and 8 N1 nuts


Next you will connect the elbow part you will need

  • 4 S3 screws and 4 N1 nuts


In the next step we add a servo as shown in the picture with

  • 4 S1 screws

we add the part from earlier that we made you will need

  • 4 S1 screws and 1 BU and 1 S-B


Attach another servo with

  • 8 S1 screws and 8 N1 nuts


The next step is to add the part shown to the servo face

  • 4 S1 screws


The next step we add a servo and the bracket as shown f22

  • 8 S1 screws
  • 4 N1 nuts
  • 1 BU and 1 S-B


In the next step we add another servo with the part f53 special you will also

  • 10 S1 screws and 6 N1 nuts


Now just find any claw that you like on and attach it to the f53 with its own servo to open and close it.

Now going to the other side of the arm add a servo like shown below


Next add an f3 and a servo as shown below

  • 8 S1 screws and 4 N1 nuts


Next attach a F3 to some surface and then attach it to the last servo on the bottom as shown.

  • 4 N1 nuts and 4 S1 screws


the whole thing should look like the image below I added a claw to make it look nice