Shop Rules and Regulations

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To be in the shop the following items must be followed at all times:

  • Have a "Usage Approval Form" signed by a competent individual as defined by Prof. Daniel M. Lofaro
  • You must sign in and out in the "sign in book"
  • A competent individual as defined by Prof. Daniel M. Lofaro must be present at all times when you are in the shop.
  • No guests aloud unless they have a completed "Usage Approval Form"
  • You must always have your GMU ID on you when in the shop


To use tools and/or equipment you must be trained, certified and have the item initialed on the "Usage Approval Form" by a competent individual as defined by Prof. Daniel M. Lofaro. If an item is not signed for approval on the "usage Approval Form" you man no use it. This includes items that are not specifically listed.


  • You must wear safety glasses at all times when in the shop. Glasses can be borrowed (no cost) or purchased (low cost) in the shop.
  • Closed toed shoes must be warn at all times
  • All hair must be tied tightly up (no strands may be loose)
  • No loose cloths, articles, straps, etc. may be warn in the shop.
  • You must clean up after yourself. You must leave your area cleaner then you found it.
  • You may not leave any items in the shop unattended. All items left unattended in the shop will become property of the shop (this includes stock, tools, backpacks, laptops/cellphones, etc).
  • There is a limit of 9 students aloud in the shop at a given time
  • Any rule broken will result in a removal and voiding of the student "Usage Approval Form." This is a no-strike-policy for all safety related violations. Safety related violations will be as defined by Prof. Daniel M. Lofaro


  • The training schedule is available in the Training Schedule section
  • Alternate training times may be requested for large groups if the students have a class (GMU Class) conflict