How to Scale an STL File and Print the File on 3D Printer

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  • Think about what you are scaling if it has screw holes or connects to something else it might now work because the whole file gets larger

First, if you haven't downloaded the MakerBot Desktop program, please go to the link below to download the file.

Download MakerBot Desktop Here MakerBot will allow you to scale or manage your 3D prints.

Once you download the MakerBot, open it. And then, click on File, select 'Open File' and add the STL file

  • HowToOpenStlFileOnMakerBot.PNG

Once you add the STL file, select the object by clicking on it. Then, on the left corner click on the scaling button: ScalingOptionOnMakerBot.PNG

Few things to know about scaling: mark uniform selecting so you can scale all sides just by changing one of the sides. If you unchecked this option,your model will not be proportional when you scale it.

Once you finished scaling one object, the MakeBot allows you to add another file and print multiple objects at the same time.

Now click on Setting button to edit the printer setting, which includes changing the temperature, deciding if your item needs a support or not, choosing ABS color, and soon. MakerBot automatically setup the default printer setting once you choose the printer type or the printer that you are using but still you have to choose color types and support options.


Printing with support is required since plastic must be deposited on a layer where there is no or insufficient plastic on the previous layer. This includes when the object you're printing has steep overhanging surfaces, straight overhangs, or fully suspended islands. To turn on the Support Feature, go to "Setting" and on setting on the right you will see the Supports feature and turn it on.


Now, connect your computer to the 3D printer or insert SD card to your computer if you choose printing your model by inserting SD card to the 3D printer in the SD card slot. Then click on File and choose Export to change the file format in a way the MakeBot Printer reads it. ExportTheModelToPrintMakerBot.PNG

Once you exported your prints model, click on Print Review to look at the time it takes to print your model also to see if print comes out keeping it shape. This feature can help you to decided if your prints need a support or not.


Once you check the Print Review click on EXPORT NOW button, to save the print file to SD card or printed on the printer if you're directly connected ExportNowMakerBot.PNG

Insert the SD card to the MakerBot Printer. SDcardSlotMakerBot.PNG

Now, turn ON the printer, and press the MakerBot logo button. If you do it properly, on its mini display give you an option to select files to print, this happens if you have multiple print files saved on the SD card. After that press the logo again, to start printing. The printing process might take from few minutes to hours so wait with patient and monitor the process.


Once the printing is done, allow the Printer to cool down