Accuracy of POLARIS

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For both x and y, experimental results showed a peak error of approximately 1.0 meter with the x peak error being slightly above 1 meter at 1.0701 meters. The average error for both x and y was approximately 0.29 meters, well within our specified requirement of x-y resolution within 1 meter. The standard deviation of error for x was approximately 0.21 meters and for y it was 0.26 meters. The peak error is right at the limit of our requirement. Further effort with filtering could be utilized to improve the localization data. As for the yaw of the localization module, the peak error was 4.43 degrees with an average error of 1.007 degrees and a standard deviation of 1.032 degrees. The experiment itself however seems to be flawed because as the yaw increased, a drift between the theoretical value and the POLARIS value increased. The yaw graph exhibits this to some degree.