Trilateration Method with quadrotors

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New launch Files

Open the terminal & run the following commands Remove the old launch files

sudo rm -r catkin_ws/src/hector_quadrotor/hector_quadrotor_gazebo/launch

Clone the new files

git clone catkin_ws/src/hector_quadrotor/hector_quadrotor_gazebo/launch

Three drones should appear in gazebo. Run the following command

roslaunch hector_quadrotor_gazebo spawn_two_quadrotors.launch

Source Code

open new terminal and run the following command

git clone catkin_ws/src/nodes uav_nodes

Make the file executable

sudo chmod +x catkin_ws/src/nodes/uav_nodes/

Now run the ros core in new terminal


Open a new terminal and open the gazebo with three UAVs

roslaunch hector_quadrotor_gazebo spawn_two_quadrotors.launch

Now execute the code. You should see 2 UAVs should try to get to the desire location and form a triangle pattern.

rosrun nodes