Task 313 - Fracking

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Schematic (Arduino + TB6560)


Schematic (CNCx Pro)


CNCx Pro to Arduino UNO


TB6560 Stepping Motor Driver I/O



Limit switches and buttons

  • 10k res between ground and X lim (Pin 9)
  • 10k res between ground and Z-Lim (Pin 11) input
  • 10 uF cap between ground and +5V going into the hall effect sensor
  • Start button connected between 5V and Y-Lim (Pin 10) input (not ground)
  • Input from display to activate return is a +5v signal on the Z-Lim (Pin 11) input.
  • Y axis / the TB6560 should be in 8 uStep mode
  • All names of the CNC xPro and/or the Arduino UNO/TB6560 are labeled in the picture above and on the physical board
  • If using Arduino UNO/TB5650 combination the Arduino should be powered via USB

Fracking motor attached to Y axis

  • A1 = Red = A+
  • A2 = Green = A-
  • B2 = Yellow = B-
  • B1 = Blue = B+


  • + high 12-24v on + input
  • - low of 12-24v on - input


Edit the following values to calibrate the system

  • Move to 18 inches
    • var: double des_dist = -18;
    • units: inches
    • notes: distance from home (must be negative)
  • Movement Speed of 5.11 in/sec
    • var: des_speed_in = 5.11
    • Notes: Maximum speed is 5.51 in/sec


Script Requirements

  • (done) Start input: button push
  • (done) Motor 1 (drill) travels from home position towards end position
  • (done) Travel speed - 5.11 in/sec (can be changed)
  • (done) When drill reaches end point it stops
  • (done) On "Display" input returns to home
  • (done) Motor 1 remains at end position for 15 seconds Motor 2 stops and motor 1 returns to home position System restarts on next “Start input”

Setup Requirements

  • (done) Program motor controller (CNC xPro)
  • (done) Wiring schematics for motor 1, home switch, start button, "display" input, and power Access to source code (online)
  • (done) Tutorial on setup and calibration (online)

Test Requirements

  • (done) Ensure power supply and motors meet power requirements
    • current power supply will not adjust to the desired 12V
    • failed to pull the desired 35lb (tested 25lb and did not move that)
  • (done) Test to ensure all parts are working
    • see note above
  • (calibration on full system needed - explus dependent) Final system calibration