Xming X11 server for Windows - setup

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In this tutorial you will learn how to install and run Xming X11 server for Windows via Putty




There is not installation required to run Putty. Just extract the archive listed above and run the executable.


To install Xming follow the steps below:

  • Download the link above for Xming
  • Run the executable (you might need to run as Administrator)
  • During installation, when asked what profile to use, use the one that incorporates "Putty"

Note: The above was tested using Windows 10

Setting up Putty to use Xming

To setup Putty to use Xming as the X11 server run the following :

  • Open Putty
  • Enable X11 by clicking "Enable X11 forwarding" in the Catorgoris menue on the left
    • Category --> Connection --> SSH --> X11
    • Click "Enable X11 forwarding"
  • Connect like normal