A Basic 3D Printer Guide

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Printer Model in the Lab: MakerBot Replicator 2X(Eric's Printer)

General information about the 3D printer and 3D printing process


The 3D printer in the lab is a basic printer only works with PLA Material. Most of the time, it is only used to print smaller pieces. Printing larger pieces, might take a lot of time.


The common materials used for 3D printing is ABS or PLS plastic there are several more at this link, wood is one of them and carbon fiber is also starting to be an option . if you look at this site you can see that people are starting to print lithium-ion-cells

Printing with PLA and ABS


-PLA is less complex but it also is not as strong and has a few other problems

-When printing with PLA the Bed doesn't need to be heated and the the filament needs to be cooled right away with a fan blowing directly on the filament. The bed of PLA should have blue painters tape to make sure that it sticks well.


-The Makerbot 2x originally prints with ABS filament. It can be altered to use PLA also if you print this attachment it also needs [this] fan and some screws that are 80mm long fit just right in the hole the current ones in the makerbot are 60mm.

-When printing with ABS the best way to make it stick it to use Kapton tape on the heat bed with the heat bed at 110 degrees celsius. you let your print put down the big part of the raft then you can put some nail polish remover(acetone is the main part in nail polish remover) on the raft.

-For very large parts if you are still having trouble with it warping then you can use wood gorilla glue in the spots between the large part of the raft then when it gets covered up it will keep it down. it can be hard to get it off I got a few holes in my tape from it sticking to well. --- printing in the correct direction some things to think about when printing is how many supports you will need but another way to think about how things print are that where the print lines are. the print lines are the weakest point of the print. In this first photo you see the best way to print it with the least amount of supports. but this one makes it so there would be vertical lines along the whole peace and on the arms that you see each line would be a weak poing because they would be small and happen a lot of times.

Ex1.png in this picture there will most likely need to be some supports under the part of the arm that you see also in some of the side that connects to the other servo. even though that support would be required for a good looking print this part will be stronger because these layers are longer and because of the way that the force is being applied to the part. Ex2.png

--- additional ideas It takes some work but the Makerbot replicator 2x has a way that someone came up with on ThingIverse that lets you take off the extruders and connect a dremel that lets the user use it as a cnc machine. it is still in the initial phase so I am not sure how it will come out or how the software will work.

--- if you are at George Mason U you can make contact with me for help with 3d printing if you want to. I have a Replicator 2x for ABS printing if you need it. eric_eide@yahoo.com I don't mind helping.