Roslaunch Tips for Large Projects

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Here is a summary of the design tips offered by the ROS Wiki itself. To see more detail, visit this link.

  • Top-level launch files should be short, and consist of include's to other files corresponding to subcomponents of the application, and commonly changed ROS parameters.
  • Be aware of the tradeoffs when deciding how many top-level launch files your application requires.
  • Use the env substitution argument to allow parts of a launch file to depend on environment variables.
  • Use machine tags to balance load and control which nodes run on the same machine, and consider having the machine file name depend on an environment variable for reusability.
  • Use topic remapping when a given type of information is published on different topics in different situations.
  • Yaml files allow parameters with complex types, nested namespaces of parameters, and reusing the same parameter values in multiple places.
  • To modify a "top-level" aspect of an application, copy the top level launch file and change the portions you need.
  • To modify a deeply nested parameter in a tree of launch files which you cannot change, use roslaunch's parameter overriding semantics.
  • If you can modify the original launch file, it's often preferable to use roslaunch arguments rather than parameter overriding or copying roslaunch files.