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See below for Baxter examples from Rethink Robotics:


Joint Position

  • Joint Position Keyboard Example - The joint position keyboard example demonstrates how to move the arms using joint angles input based on keyboard input.

Joint Velocity

  • Wobbler Example - Simple demo that uses velocity control to move the arms in a random magnitude sinusoidal pattern.
  • Puppet Example - Reads the measured joint velocities of the input arm and 'puppets' (mimics) those velocity commands on the opposing arm.

Inverse Kinematics

Joint Trajectory

  • Simple Joint trajectory example - Enable the robot joint trajectory interface and send a simple joint trajectory for Baxter to follow.
  • Trajectory Playback Example - Enable the robot joint trajectory interface, parse a file created using the joint recorder example, and send the resulting joint trajectory to the joint trajectory action server.


  • Enable Robot Tool - You need to have the robot enabled to control the arm motors. (Or... if you ever need a way to stop the motors via software.)
  • Tuck Arms Example - The tuck arms program will allow you to tuck/untuck Baxter's arms to/from 'shipping pose'.
  • rviz (ROS) - You can use the Robot Model to visualize the joint positions and tf world axes coordinates. Check out the Joint States Display Types.


Input and Output

  • Read Baxter's Cameras using Image_View - view left hand camera
$ rosrun image_view image_view image:=/cameras/left_hand_camera/image
  • Camera Control Example - Demonstrates usage for listing, opening, and closing the available cameras.
  • View Cameras Example - Use this simple ROS program from the command line to view the image stream from a camera. The example shows you how to use the 'image_view' tool with the Baxter camera topics.


  • rviz (ROS) - The ROS visualizer, rviz, is a great tool for viewing multiple cameras and data streams at once. You can also use the Camera Display Type to render the view of the (virtual) world from the perspective of one of Baxter's cameras.
  • image_view (ROS) - A light-weight image viewer for ROS Images. Use this tool when you just want a quick, simple method to check the camera view or to save snapshots.