CNC Router (Gerber)

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Learn how to use, maintain and operate CNC routers.


What you will learn

  • change an end mill
  • Secure a work piece
  • Set work origin
  • Export appropriate G code
  • Drill a hole/Plunge into stock
  • Clear a pocket
  • Follow a contour

Estimated time required

~180 min, varies depending on prior experience using CAD/CAM

Signature Requirements

Make a plate a wood plate of your initials:

  • Minimum two letters
  • Text tool is prohibited
  • 0.25" holes at each corner
  • A unique piece of stock will be assigned to you
  • Plate must be milled using 0.25" flat end mill only


Creating a model of your name plate:

 1. Measure assigned piece of stock
 2. Create a 2D sketch of your name plate
    * use various shapes, lines, and curve tools to create your initials
    * Use circles for mounting holes, use mirror tool or pattern tool to place one circle at each corner
    * Use rectangles for back plate and raised boarder around letters 
 3. Extrude to make a solid body
 4. Ask supervising staff to review model
 5. Make needed revisions and repeat #6

Creating tool path:

 1. Enter the CAM work space
 2. Start a new setup, edit setup and stock options
 3. Create a tool, Hint: you may use aluminum sample as starting point 
 4. Use 2D and Drill operations to generate necessary tool paths
 5. Simulate your tool paths  
 6. Ask supervising staff to review: setup, tool, paths, and simulation
 7. Make needed revisions and repeat #6
 8. Use appropriate post processor to generate G-code
 9. Review G-code