Running the Wifi Scanner

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Running the Wifi Scanner

The wifi scanner is created to allow for multiple wifi dongles to be run. This allows to get data much faster than with a single dongle.

The wifi scanner has two parts, the trigger and the wlan nodes that will get MAC address and signal strength and write this information to a ROS topic.

1.) To start the trigger that controls when the wifi dongles will run, type:

 rosrun wifi_scanner trigger wlan0 wlan1

The wlanN refers to the wifi dongle's network identity in Linux.

2.) Next lets start a scanner. Open a new terminal and type:

 sudo -s
 rosrun wifi_scanner scan_wifi -i wlan0

3.) You should have as many wlan nodes as you have wifi dongles. Open another terminal and type:

 sudo -s
 rosrun wifi_scanner scan_wifi -i wlan1

You now have two nodes that will write to the same topic. The trigger will time the two nodes in such a way as to double the speed at which we can get data.