Add USB Ethernet to your Raspberry Pi Zero W

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This tutorial is based on:


You must have the following:

  • Raspberry Pi Zero W
  • Raspbian Jessie (or Jessie Lite) installed after the May 2016 release
  • USB Cable


Step 1. Edit config.txt & cmdline.txt

Insert the SD card into your computer. Use a text editor to open up the config.txt file that is in the SD card post-burn.

Go to the bottom and add the following to the last line to /boot/config.txt:


Save the config.txt file as plain text and then open up cmdline.txt After rootwait (the last word on the first line) add a space and then:


Step 2: Log into your Pi Zero

Insert the SD into your Pi Zero, connect the console cable, power the Pi & log into via your normal method. To check to see if your USB Ethernet came run the following:

 ifconfig -a

You should see usb0 in the device list.

Step 3: Login

You can now login via PUTTY or a BASH terminal. The only difference is now your domain is different. For example:

 ssh pi@HOSTNAME.local

Where HOSTNAME is your Pi's hostname.