Kinect Mo-cap Tutorial

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Body Joints and Facial Features Tracking

Hardware: Kinect for Xbox One and Kinect Adapter for Windows, or Kinect for Windows v2 (discontinued).

Software: Visual Studio

Language: C#

1. Download and install the Kinect for Windows SDK 2.0 from the Official Microsoft Download Center here[1]

2. Download and unzip the code package here[2].

3. Open BodyBasics-WPF.csproj, build solution, and hit “Start” to run the program.

4. A new window will pop up. Enter the file name for the sign that you wish to add. Then when the person starts doing the sign, hit “Start Capture.” At the end of the sign, hit “Stop Capture.” The window looks like this:

Tracking window.png

Data from Tracking

Three data files are saved: one is for the body joint position, one is for the face features position, and one is for time. These data can be found in bin -> AnyCPU -> Debug -> signData.

Even though all joints are drawn here, only position data for the shoulder spine, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, hand tips, and thumbs are saved. In the body data file, the joint data for each frame appear in the following order:

Number Body Joint
1 Neck
2 Head
3 Left Shoulder
4 Left Elbow
5 Left Wrist
6 Left Hand
7 Right Shoulder
8 Right Elbow
9 Right Wrist
10 Right Hand
11 Shoulder Spine
12 Left Hand Tip
13 Left Thumb
14 Right Hand Tip
15 Right Thumb

In the face data file, the facial features appear in the following order:

Number Facial Feature
1 Forehead Center
2 Left Eye Inner Corner
3 Left Eye Outer Corner
4 Right Eye Inner Corner
5 Right Eye Outer Corner
6 Nose Tip
7 Mouth Left Corner
8 Mouth Right Corner
9 Chin Center