3D Printing (SLA)

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Learn how to use, maintain and operate SLA based 3D printers specifically the FormLabs printer Form 2.


=Software Required

What you will learn

  • Export 3D models to 3D printer compatible formats
  • Load and unload resin
  • How to start a print on Form 2 printer


3D Modeling

  1. Save your file in STL format in Fusion 360
  2. Download and open Preform
  3. Import your file into a new workspace and scale and orientate as needed

Scale and Orientate

3d Modeling Cont.

  1. Click on the Click to Print button to allow the software to perfect the supports and print time required
  2. If the Print display at the bottom of the workspace still shows red follow these steps (otherwise skip to step #) :
Red Print.png
Modifying Supports.png

SLA Printing Set up

Before sending your file to the printer be sure to check the resin container and make sure the vent is open which is seen as a small black cap that is flipped open nest to the resin container.


Upload your file using the USB cable attached to the printer.

Ready to Print.png

Once the file is uploaded, be sure to make sure that the lid is closed and kept closed for the entire print.

Follow the instructions displayed on the screen and press print.

Treating & Curing the Print