USB2Dynamixel Fixing soft bricking

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So FTDI pushed out a new driver with Windows Update that bricks counterfeit FTDI chips by setting the Product ID to "0000".

But if you are here you probably know that already.

Here is the process that worked for me to return the FTDI chip back to its original VID:PID of 0403:6001 from a Linux (Ubuntu) computer.

1.Plug in your bricked device. If you run "lsusb" it should show a device at "0403:0000".

2.Download ft232r_prog or here from ft232r_prog (v1.24) and extract to a folder

3.Install the build dependencies by running "sudo apt-get install make gcc libftdi-dev"

4.Change directory into the folder ft232r_prog where the file ft232r_prog.c resides

5.Type "make" to build the program

6.Now run "sudo ./ft232r_prog --old-pid 0x0000 --new-pid 0x6001"

7.You are done. Unplug and re-insert your USB device and run "lsusb" again. It should show an id of 0403:6001