OpenVPN Usage

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-Test On- This tutorial was tested on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and Ubuntu 20.04 LTS however it may work on other platforms

-Install- Run in a terminal

 $ sudo apt update
 $ sudo apt install openvpn
 $ sudo apt install net-tools

-Run- To run open an terminal and cd into the directory that contains your openvpn cert file

 $ cd [directory with your_openvpn_file.ovpn]

Run the openvpn

 $ sudo openvpn --config your_open_vpn_file.ovpn

Leave that terminal open and open a second terminal. You need to keep the terminal open in order to keep the VPN connected.

-Check Connection- Now you can check to make sure you have a connection. Run:

 $ ifconfig

One of your interfaces should have an ip address that is associated with your VPN, usually 10.8.X.X.