Network Printing on GLiNET GL-AR750s

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GL.iNet Travel Router (GL-AR750S) USB Printing from Router


(Printer is already connected to router USB port)

In Web Browser

  • login to your router via web browser (
  • MORE SETTINGS > Advanced
  • download and install Luci

In Terminal

  • SSH (Secure Shell) into your router
    • login as: root
    • password: is your router’s password
  • Configure p910nd Print Server:
 # opkg update
 # opkg install kmod-usb-printer
 # opkg install p910nd luci-app-p910nd
 # ls /dev/usb/lp*

(if configured correctly, results should be= /dev/usb/lp0)

In your web browser of your router (

  • FIREWALL > Open Ports on Router
    • Name= enter whatever you like, I entered (USB>WIFI Printing)
    • Port= 9100
    • Protocol= TCP/UDP
    • Status= Enabled
    • Click "Add"
  • MORE SETTINGS > Advanced
    • click on
    • Password= enter your router’s password
    • Services > p910nd Printer server
    • enabled = make sure it is checked
    • Device = /dev/usb/lp0
    • Interface= unspecified
    • Port = 9100
    • Bidirectional mode = leave checked
    • Save&Apply
  • Reboot printer AND router

On Computer

Setup as HP Jet Direct printer with the IP address being the same as the router.