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This is part two of building MiniBot and Archer there is some additional explanation in the Head Build.


  • The zero position will always be at the top of the servo.
  • you will need to do this one twice.
  • Keep all the servos facing as they are so the wires are all on one side.
  • Think about the fact that when you build the other arm it will be mirrored.

The claw

In this part you should have down loaded the cad files for the link.

The first thing that you will need to do is print the thumb2 file and the Archer claw or Minibot claw to depending on weather you are building the Minibot robot or archer controller.

  • As shown in the figure there are 4 S2 screws, 6 S1 screws, one S-B screw, one BU and there needs to be 6 N1 nuts for connecting the thumb2 file to the servo.



  • This part needs 8 S2 screws and 8 N1 nuts the picture below should say S2 screws sorry.


  • Connecting the forearm to the servos is simple you use 8 total S1 screws and 8 N1 nuts. The nuts are inserted into the servo and the screws are connected from there.



  • 4 S1 screws and 4 N1 nuts


  • Next add two S1 and two S3 screws to the positions shown below connecting the servo to the Bicep with the zero position pointing as shown in the figure.


  • Add 4 S2 screws and N1 nuts to this connecting the parts.


Assembling part one

In the figure below you should see all the parts that you have connected so far simply connect them you will need the parts below. also make sure the zero positions are as shown.

  • 4 S1 screws
  • 1 S-B
  • 1 BU



Here you need to connect the two items you will need the parts shown and the parts listed below.

  • 4 S2 screws and 4 N1 nuts


Assembling part two

The shoulder parts need to be connected to a servo as shown. it is a tight fit but it works. you will need to do these screws on both sides of the servo. also if you do 6 screws it will make it so the plastic takes longer to break.

  • 4 S1 screws
  • 4 N1 nuts


Next you need to add another servo as shown below.

  • 4 S1 screws
  • 1 S-B screw
  • 1 BU