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This is MiniBot it is the robot that we maid for out Senior design project. We are mapping servos to other servos in the project. From the videos you can see that the blue robot is controlling the red robot.

The code for the project looks to see how many servos there are on the robot and also looks to see how many are on the controller. one important thing is that the ids of the servos must be in the same order. For example if the robot you see above is ordered from 1-10 left to right then the waist is 11 neck is 12 and the tilt is 13. The ones on the controller must be in that same order you can start from id 20 and go up if you want or you can just keep them the same number as long as they are in the same order they will be ok. The pan and tilt must have the two highest servo ids.




Building Minibot