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* [[How to use the code]]
* [[How to use the code]]
* [[Servo]]
* [http://WDMyCloud.device1083053.wd2go.com/api/1.0/rest/dir_contents/Public/Lofaro%20labs/e/server?device_user_id=9466339&request_auth_code=fd228b2b4791d42dc2a2195409b171726732655f2a9d933048105025f03771b5 Server]
* [[Joystick]]
* [http://WDMyCloud.device1083053.wd2go.com/api/1.0/rest/dir_contents/Public/Lofaro%20labs/e/client?device_user_id=9466339&request_auth_code=4103245befd8acf07f6af168195e619a49ad1c8cf3f57d549fdad5498d77efe2 client]

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This is MiniBot it is the robot that we maid for out Senior design project.