How to build Holonomic Robot

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We have used three wheeled Holonomic robots to implement our Trilateration formation keeping method. Here we explain how we have built one from scratch. The robots have 3 Degrees of Freedom (D.O.F), they can move translations X and Y and rotation Z (i.e Yaw).

Required Components

1) 1/16 in. Aluminum Frames (12 in. length x 24 in. width) for 3 frames 2) Rapberry Pi Zero

   - OTG usb hub (with atleast 2 ports for wifi dongle, L-CAS Sensor)
   - 3600 mAh portable power bank
   - 8GB MicroSD

4) Arduino Pro Mini (for PWMs) 5) Pololu 200:1 Plastic Gearmotor ( 6) Solobotic Gear Mount ( 7) VEX IQ 63mm Omni Wheels ( 8) L298N Motor Controller ( 9) 2000 mAh 6V NiMH Battery (with charger) ( 9) GY-271 Magnetometer 10) L-CAS Ranging Sensor